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    Those of you looking to create or fill a spot on a Race Team, this is the place to be.

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    dan arredondo

    Dedicated American River Trail bicycle rider looking to team up with a runner and kayaker for the up-coming Eppie’s Great Race July 16, 2016. I ride an average of 16 to 18 miles per hour but can ride with a group at 20 to 22 miles per hour. Contact me at dano3445@att.net

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    Becky Keilholtz

    Question regarding teams – how does it work with the 3-4 person teams? Is each person required to do one leg of the race or everyone must do at least part of every leg of the race?

    Example – I can run 2 miles, bike 5 miles, kayak 1 mile OR I can run all 5.8 miles but no bike or kayak.

    Any information would be great!

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      Jon Daniells

      Pretty sure it’s the latter example. Each team member covers a specific leg of the race.

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    Ken klein

    Kayaker looking for a team, I male, 58 years old, in decent shape, Semi experienced kayaker, going through a five day training session in the next month on the river over the course. I will have a fast boat provided for race day. Contact ken@ckmstaffing.com

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    Jeremy Burlingame

    Becky, you do one complete leg of the race. The 4 person teams are only for tandem kayak division or tandem canoe, all others are three persons per team.

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    There is no “tandem kayak” this year

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      Jeremy Burlingame

      Actually there is a tandem kayak. The only changes from last year to this year is the addition of SUPs and deletion of the “sit on top” division.

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    Hi there…. I’m an extremely experienced SUP racer looking for a team… Could also run, but pretty slow runner…. Let me know if you need someone! Thx

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    Have Kayak, will paddle. I am not as trained up this year as I was last year, but can still do a respectable time in my Huki. See results for the 50+ Mens winning team last year. Thanks! -Cameron

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      John Dandin


      Did you find a team? I have a couple of friends who are looking to create a team at the last minute and might need a kayaker


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    Sydney Cooley

    Looking for a cyclist for our Woman 50+ team. Our cyclist is unable to ride on Saturday. Hoping for a cyclist that can make the ride around 40 minutes.

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    Hello, I am a recent American River College graduate, now currently attending the University of Victoria, in British Columbia. I am back home for the summer logging those miles upon miles. Now looking to gauge my fitness in Eppie’s Great Race. I am a poor college student (like most) so I will run for money; in other words if someone pays for my spot on the team. Will run fast and beat most competitors if that’s what you want me to do. Can also run slow and buy you time to warm up (that last part is a joke). Last year ran approximately 31 minutes for for the 5.6 miles (about 5:35 per mile); hoping to best that this year.

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      Ideally we are looking for a 6o year old runner with good knees but it would be fun to be on the bike early and see how we do against the youngsters. 🙂 Both myself and the cyclist are past Eppies winners.
      Let me know if you are interested.

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      KIM Sprague


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    Hi John,
    No, I don’t have a team yet, let me know if your friends need a kayaker.
    Thanks, Cameron

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    I am a cyclist who lost his team. This is late but am looking for a team to ride for. I am mid 40’s and will ride at a pretty good pace.

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    Jeremy Burlingame

    Last three guys on here should get together, you got a runner, biker and kayaker…

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    Looking for a Kayaker for team Entourage, we are currently registered as a mens 40+, but anyone who is interested is welcome. Let me know if you are interested.

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      Brian Tyler

      Did you find a paddler? I’m a solo marathon canoeist and it appears our team runner is out with a broken foot so working on a plan B.
      Brian Tyler

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    Hi Derek,
    I am an interested 40+ Kayaker that can give you a good kayak time though I am not as trained up as in past efforts -see results for 2015.-Cameron

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    KIM Sprague


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    Trish Pablo

    I’m an experienced cyclist/racer. I would love to join a team and cycle. I have a TT bike. I mostly race road and time trials. I know the trail very well. I recently averaged 24.3 mph for 25 miles in the district champ TT. Im good to go if you need a cyclist! trishfaustina@gmail.com

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    Brian Tyler

    Team TIPIKNU looking for competitive runner. Our runner is now sporting a cast.

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      Did you get a runner for your team?

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    Is there a shuttle to take runners to the finish line after they’ve completed their leg of the race?

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    Anyone looking for a cyclist. I am experienced 52 year old road cyclist. I have raced and done eppies numerous times.

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      Hi Aaron! Yes, the site says there will be shuttles for runners to take you back to William B Pond at 9, 920 and 950 🙂

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    This is my first Eppie’s. I’m looking for someone to do a practice run with down the American River. I have a sit on top Kayak and I’d prefer to go with a buddy. text me if interested 916-764-4182.

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    For anyone who’s done the race before, do you know the logistics of how the bikers (in a relay team) make it back to the end? Do you coordinate with vehicles or do you ride back once you have clearance to?
    Also, I know the river bend park is closed for parking, but do they let you in to load/unload supplies, or do you have to take it across William B Pond? I haven’t been able to get these answered from the staff so i wanted to throw it out to any previous racers 🙂

    Thank you!


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      Kristin, every rider/team deals with that in different ways. Some teams have paddler drop cyclist of at sac state, and drive up and park, so cyclist has ride back waiting for them. My rider hops on out to Coloma and takes it to Folsom blvd, which is directly to park access road, Rod Beaudry. (maybe 5 miles) Some also have peeps waiting for them, to give rides.
      They also claim to not allow peeps into river bend access, but pretend you didn’t read that, and do as needed.
      Hope that helps. Unfortunate EGR staff seem to ignore people interested in racing, especially with entry numbers down to what they are….

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    KIM Sprague

    Hey everyone, Iam a fast paddler and I don’t have a team. I can go in 60+category but, Iam competitive in any category. Work with Dan Crandall and John Weed at current adventures and we train anywhere from 60to80 people a year for eppies. I know the lines and am pretty darn fast. If you need a fast paddler give me a call…. @916-806-3259. Thanks… and good luck

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    I’m doing the race by myself. Can anyone help me with a few logistic questions?
    1. After the run, do I need to have someone there to bring my bike to me?
    2. Is there a designated area to put on bike shoes, helmet, etc… after the run and before you start biking?
    3. At the end of the bike portion, do I need to have someone there to take my bike, shoes, etc?
    4. do most people who do the race solo change their shoes after the bike portion or just run and kayak in their bike shoes.

    “Ironpersons must have a crew to retrieve the bike. Members of the crew may only retrieve the bicycle from the bicycle storage area and must not otherwise assist the competitor at the exchange point.” – I wasn’t sure if this is referring to the beginning of the bike portion or the end of the bike portion.

    I read the rules but I’m still a little confused on how the above work. Thanks to anyone who can help.

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      Hey Ernie,

      Saw your post and it brought me back tp my first race and all the questions I had at the time. So to answer your questions:

      1. No you don’t need a crew person to bring your bike to you, you run to it. When you cross the timing mat after the run you still have about a 100 yard run to get to you bike and no one can assist you to do that. When you place your bike that morning before the race starts you leave your helmet, shoes (if you think you need bike shoes) and hydration with your bike and when you get to it after the run, you put on your helmet, etc and you are off but remember, you are on the clock from the starters gun until you cross the finish line so changing shoes slows you way down. I run, bike and paddle in the same shoes. I know there are some who do change into bike shoes but I’m not fast enough to do that.

      2. Designated Area for bike equipment? You leave it with your bike. They have racks and racks set up for us to leave our bikes at and I leave all my equipment with my bike. So when I finish the run, I make the 100 yard run to my bike, put on my helmet, take a quick swig of water and I’m off.

      3. End of bike portion question – when you reach the end of the bike section, there will be volunteers (thank you to all the volunteers!) that will take your bike and store it in a safe place (they are very protective of the bikes and do an excellent job of keeping them safe) and from there you run across the bridge to your kayak to continue the race. Since I don’t use bike shoes, I just jump off my bike and run to my kayak BUT I did see one person change their shoes once and it cost them time. If you do change you shoes at that point, you have to carry them with you (unless you can get them on your bike before they take it from you) but you will have to carry your paddle shoes too cause you can’t race barefoot and your boat is a couple of 100 yards away. There is a lost and found for unclaimed equipment at the end but I don’t go that route.

      My biggest suggestion is to run, bike and paddle in the same shoes (unless you are really quick and can do it on the run) As I said, you are on the clock from the starters pistol shot until you cross the line at River Bend Park and every seconds counts!!!!! If you have any other questions (of if anyone has any questions) send me an email, I’m happy to help. I’ve been an ironperson for a few years but am no expert so if anyone else has suggestions, please post.

      Happy racing to all and good luck!


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    Janet Hamilton

    Looking for a kayaker for the water portion. I’m running, hubby will be on the bike. Our daughter had to drop out of the kayak leg. We aren’t a competitive or fast team but want to have fun! Email me if you are interested: jjlhamilton@yahoo.com

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    My name is Jeff and I’m a strong cyclist. Anyone looking for a bike junkie to fill in on your Eppie’s team let me know. I’ve done this race before and I’m on the trail 4 to 5 times a week so I know it well. 916-622-9560

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    Does anyone know of a semi-fast to fast male runner for a fast 60 age group team? Both cyclist and kayaker are experienced Eppies racers with podium history. Looking for runner to complete the team this year.

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      I am a 44 year old male runner. Let me know if you do not find anyone in your category and I would love to be the first leg of your team.

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        Kevin, let me know if that falls through with them. We are a competitive team, and looking for someone to complete their leg in 30-34 minutes

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    Thanks Kevin for your interest and quick response. My husband, Ritch will contact you tomorrow.

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    I am Joilynn’s husband and it would be great to have you on our team. Please call me at 916 966-8108. Deadline for teams is 11:59PM tonight otherwise I have to pay an additional fee.


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      I thought the same, but just went to sign up and website shows REGISTRATION CLOSED, which is BS.

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