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    Those of you looking to create or fill a spot on a Race Team, this is the place to be.

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    dan arredondo

    Dedicated American River Trail bicycle rider looking to team up with a runner and kayaker for the up-coming Eppie’s Great Race July 16, 2016. I ride an average of 16 to 18 miles per hour but can ride with a group at 20 to 22 miles per hour. Contact me at dano3445@att.net

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    Becky Keilholtz

    Question regarding teams – how does it work with the 3-4 person teams? Is each person required to do one leg of the race or everyone must do at least part of every leg of the race?

    Example – I can run 2 miles, bike 5 miles, kayak 1 mile OR I can run all 5.8 miles but no bike or kayak.

    Any information would be great!

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    Jon Daniells

    Pretty sure it’s the latter example. Each team member covers a specific leg of the race.

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    Ken klein

    Kayaker looking for a team, I male, 58 years old, in decent shape, Semi experienced kayaker, going through a five day training session in the next month on the river over the course. I will have a fast boat provided for race day. Contact ken@ckmstaffing.com

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    Jeremy Burlingame

    Becky, you do one complete leg of the race. The 4 person teams are only for tandem kayak division or tandem canoe, all others are three persons per team.

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    There is no “tandem kayak” this year

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    Hi there…. I’m an extremely experienced SUP racer looking for a team… Could also run, but pretty slow runner…. Let me know if you need someone! Thx

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    Have Kayak, will paddle. I am not as trained up this year as I was last year, but can still do a respectable time in my Huki. See results for the 50+ Mens winning team last year. Thanks! -Cameron

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    Jeremy Burlingame

    Actually there is a tandem kayak. The only changes from last year to this year is the addition of SUPs and deletion of the “sit on top” division.

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    Sydney Cooley

    Looking for a cyclist for our Woman 50+ team. Our cyclist is unable to ride on Saturday. Hoping for a cyclist that can make the ride around 40 minutes.

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    John Dandin


    Did you find a team? I have a couple of friends who are looking to create a team at the last minute and might need a kayaker


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    Hello, I am a recent American River College graduate, now currently attending the University of Victoria, in British Columbia. I am back home for the summer logging those miles upon miles. Now looking to gauge my fitness in Eppie’s Great Race. I am a poor college student (like most) so I will run for money; in other words if someone pays for my spot on the team. Will run fast and beat most competitors if that’s what you want me to do. Can also run slow and buy you time to warm up (that last part is a joke). Last year ran approximately 31 minutes for for the 5.6 miles (about 5:35 per mile); hoping to best that this year.

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    Hi John,
    No, I don’t have a team yet, let me know if your friends need a kayaker.
    Thanks, Cameron

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    I am a cyclist who lost his team. This is late but am looking for a team to ride for. I am mid 40’s and will ride at a pretty good pace.

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