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I’m doing the race by myself. Can anyone help me with a few logistic questions?
1. After the run, do I need to have someone there to bring my bike to me?
2. Is there a designated area to put on bike shoes, helmet, etc… after the run and before you start biking?
3. At the end of the bike portion, do I need to have someone there to take my bike, shoes, etc?
4. do most people who do the race solo change their shoes after the bike portion or just run and kayak in their bike shoes.

“Ironpersons must have a crew to retrieve the bike. Members of the crew may only retrieve the bicycle from the bicycle storage area and must not otherwise assist the competitor at the exchange point.” – I wasn’t sure if this is referring to the beginning of the bike portion or the end of the bike portion.

I read the rules but I’m still a little confused on how the above work. Thanks to anyone who can help.