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Angela Murray


I had promised three very dedicated Eppies participants at my work that I would register them, The team captain was on vacation and I didn’t have a chance to do it yet though I should have done it sooner. It then sold out without warning (at least I had no indication there was a chance of it selling out), and now these three great Eppies fans may not have a chance to participate in the very last Eppies ever due to my mistake. It is not their mistake it is mine and I am hoping to make it right for them. Is there anyone at all that has a team that might be considering cancelling that I can take over the spot with this team and reimburse you? I will talk to the Eppies group as well I just thought I might also appeal here, just in case there is someone that was thinking of backing out. If so please contact me at 916-708-1088 or email Thanks so much.